Our Story

  • The SHELF-SHAPER 3D is where the ✨magic✨ happens.

    Try it now, you've got the power!
  • clickety click, barba trick.

    The design of the formbar hinge system is musical 🎶  
  • It's so shapeable, we call it clay.

  • Shape is timeless, works for all ages

  • Breakdancer, Lil Cheng's inspirational story

    Formbar speaks with breakdancer Lil Cheng about moving, shaping, and his inspirational dance against The End! "There is nothing that could give me...
  • Formbar is shapeable in any language.

    #parametricdesign, persoonlike meubels!
  • Freedom from the box.

  • Think inside the box.

  • Moulin Rouge

    My Ma wants it more Moulin Rouge! formbar is totally custom, so it's a perfect fit, and we’re off to the theatre... a corner shelf, for the...
  • formbar is a green product, it comes in any colour.

  • Flo's flow

    Flo's formbar flow, Scarborough, Cape Town. @flojungdotcom
  • assembly of the formitable