Standard Size Shelves - Assembly Guide

Before assembly

Please read the instructions carefully.

We always recommend setting up with two people.

To prevent scratching the furniture and the floor, we recommend a soft surface (e.g. a carpet or blanket).

Sort the pieces

Sort the pieces by vertical and horizontal, using numbers and letters.

Horizontal pieces are numbered 1, 2, 3... on the bottom.

Vertical pieces are on marked alphabetically A, B, C... on the left.

Place the pieces on the floor.

Starting with verticals A, and your last vertical, Connect horizontal 1 and 2

Now stand the furniture upright, and insert the remaining verticals from behind.

Carefully lay the furniture back on the floor, backside down, and insert the remaining horizontals, except for the top piece, which we leave till later.

If the furniture is too heavy for you to manoeuvre, you can also push in the horizontals while the furniture is standing.

Now stand the furniture upright again to put the top on.
You are finished assembling your furniture, enjoy!

Wall Mounting

For your safety, how to fix your new piece of furniture to the wall...

Incorrectly-mounted furniture can lead to serious or life-threatening injuries.

To prevent it from tipping over, this piece of furniture must be attached to the wall with the accessories supplied.

For mounting above eye level, mount the bracket for wall mounting on the second horizontal line from above or on the vertical line in the top shelf.

For mounting at or below eye level, mount the brackets on the second horizontal line from above on the underside.

The scope of delivery includes standard screws and dowels for fastening to the wall. Please check whether the accessories supplied are suitable for the nature of your wall. Further information is available from your local specialist shop.

Care instructions

It is best to use a slightly damp cloth to clean and care for your piece of furniture.

Make sure that no water remains on the furniture.

Never clean your piece of furniture with sharp objects or irritating cleaning agents, as these can damage the surface.

Accessories included